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          Import and export qualification


          We sincerely invite more overseas resources for cooperation and exchange, if there is any opportunity for cooperation, please email us to: info@sznaber.com. The following are our import and export related qualification documents (pdf format):

          营业执照(The business license
          医疗器械经营许可证(The business certificate of medical apparatus and instruments)
          海关进出口货物收发货人备案回执(The record receipt of customs for the consignee or consignor of import and export goods )
          二类医疗器械备案凭证(The registration certificate of the second class medical apparatus and instruments )
          对外贸易经营者备案登记表(The registration form of trading operator )

                                           SHENZHEN NABER MEDICINE CO.,LTD,

          SHENZHEN NABER MEDICINE CO.,LTD,founded in 1987, has developed in the pharmaceutical industry for more than 30 years,and our main business involves pharmaceuticals, medical device agents, professional distribution, wholesale distribution, and pharmacy chain operations.Our company has been allowed by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration to manage narcotic drugs and first-class psychoactive drugs which just only two companies in Shenzhen have the qualifications to manage such drugs.

                  After years of hard work, our company has continued to grow and develop on the original basis, we has registered SHENZHEN NABER PHARMACY CHAIN CO.,LTD, SHENZHEN LIWUPU MEDICAL DEVICES CO.,LTD,acquired SHENZHEN BAOHUA PHARMACY CHAIN CO.,LTD and SHENZHEN JIANHUA PHARMACY CHAIN CO.,LTD....and set up branches, subsidiaries and offices in cities such as Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and the west Guangdong, with 1005 affiliated branches Stores, mainly distributed in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, and wester the Guangdong; among them, there are 633 retail pharmacies in Shenzhen (51 in Futian District; 41 in Luohu District; 20 in Yantian District, Nanshan District) 53; Baoan District 187; Longhua  District 112; Longgang District 101; Gongming District 46; Pingshan District 22); Existing staff of more than 5,000 people, twelve functional departments including administrative&human resources department, finance department, quality control department,commercial Procurement department,medical institution department,chain operation department, new drug department, prescription drug (hospital) operation department, medical device department, traditional Chinese medicine department,information department,and distribution center. As of 2018, the company and its subsidiaries were awarded the "Top 100 Pharmaceutical Commercial Enterprises in China" and "Top 50 National Drug Chain Retailers", "Reputable Stores in Shenzhen", "Top 20 Chain Stores in Shenzhen" and "China Top ten competitive brands in the pharmacy chain industry" and other awards. A well-known and long-established brand, a mature and stable business team, a large number of stores, high-quality services, product quality, and the strategy of advancing with the times,are all core advantages of our company.

                   In 2017, our company's total sales were 1.83 billion yuan, of which headquarters sales were 830 million yuan and branch sales were 1 billion yuan; in 2018, our company's total sales were 1.98 billion yuan, of which headquarters sales were 880 million yuan and branch sales is 1.1 billion yuan. In 2019, it achieved sales of 2.2 billion yuan. In order to speed up the company's development, the company has introduced CITIC Construction Investment to make the first round of strategic investment in the company; this year, six major investment banks such as Shenzhen Venture Capital, Gaoyuan Capital, Evergrande Life Insurance, and China Merchants Capital plan to make B-round investments. We are planned to introduce about a total 2 billion yuan from capital market in the next five years. Under the guidance of the national 13th Five-Year policy forHealthy of China, in the face of the marketing environment of great health, great medical care, and new generation of Internet, our company will introduce strategic capital and change the traditional business model, fully develop the industry of pharmaceutical chain retail , and break through the traditional philosophy and methods of pharmacy business , introduce a new generation of Internet and artificial intelligence platforms, create a "smart pharmacy" and "smart community family health service platform" with our own type. We plan to set up 10 branches in the whole province and even the whole country by 2022, add 3,500 retail chain pharmacies, and achieve a retail scale of 7 billion yuan.At that time,we will be listed on share stock A market or Hong Kong share stock market.

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